A Fan Looks Back

“It’s always funny how music takes you back to the exact time in your past. My wife of 29 years and I first heard you guys in Rehoboth Beach, Del., when you released ‘Sneak Attack.’

“We hadn’t been married long, and were at the beach for the day. We just happened to go by a club on the boardwalk, saw the signs and decided to come back for the show. After having dinner, we got there early as the first set was starting.

“You guys were awesome! Nothing like anything we had been hearing at the time locally or on mainstream radio. The next thing we knew you all were out in the crowd, and one of you was out on the boardwalk playing guitar. It was kind of like the Pied Piper – the crowd just followed you in from the boardwalk and packed the already crowded club.

“I have to say, it was one of the best live shows I have ever experienced. We ended up buying one of the albums that night and following your tour schedule through your newsletter.

“We got the chance to see you again when you played in a small club on the main street of Chestertown, Md., around the time of the release of ‘Beat the Meter,’ which we also purchased and loved.

“You guys were the best, and we hated to see you go. I told countless friends about Bad Sneakers and shared the music with everyone around me. As things progressed to CDs, I continued to look for your music without much success. I checked with tons of music stores and no one knew where I could turn. That only made me feel that much better in some ways. I felt like I had discovered some great talent that no one I knew had ever heard of.

“You guys were a pretty big part of our lives and were great. The band made the music and shows an experience, not just another night out. Thanks!”

Jeff Trice
Marshy Hope Realty
Federalsburg, Md.