You were a big part of our lives

Bad Sneakers fan Jeff Trice looks back “It’s always funny how music takes you back to the exact time in your past. My wife of 29 years and I first heard you guys in Rehoboth Beach, Del., when you released ‘Sneak Attack.’ “We hadn’t been married long, and were at the beach for the day. … Read more

Fan mail: the good, the bad and the weird

‘I am two and a half years old and I really like your music’ Dear BSers, I’ve listened to your album about 103 times in the last 48 hours. I think you have a lot of talent and the music sounds great. One of my friends got me addicted on you and I would like … Read more

Bad Sneakers strolls home to Newark for the weekend

Al Mascitti, The News Journal, Wilmington, Del., Aug. 10, 1984

Bad Sneakers, the band that Smyrna wasn’t sure it wanted, feels right at home in Newark.

The band is appearing tonight through Sunday night at the Prime Times Room, 15 Prestbury Square. This is the Newark-based band’s first visit to its home turf since its second album, “Beat the Meter,” was released last month.

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Too bad, Bad Sneakers told

Jane Brooks, The News Journal, Wilmington, Del., Aug. 7, 1984 SMYRNA – Cautious Smyrna council members Monday night turned down a rock group’s offer to perform a free concert in the town park. Perhaps it was the name – “Bad Sneakers” – that turned off the mostly middle-age council. “I guess you could say we’re … Read more

Bad Sneakers to introduce new album at Dover gala

Donna Morgan, Delaware State News, Dover, Del., July 13, 1984

DOVER – Wilmington rock favorites Bad Sneakers will cruise into Dover Sunday night for a gala album release party at the Ground Round on U.S. 13 starting at 9 p.m.

“Beat the Meter” is the second album for Bad Sneakers and offers 10 original tunes written and performed by the band. A few have received prerelease airplay on WSTW-FM radio in Wilmington and garnered rave reviews.

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Bad Sneakers bustin’ out with a new release

Matt Kelly, Oceana magazine, Ocean City, Md.

Bad Sneakers, a band that has made tremendous commercial advancement since forming in 1980, is rapidly spreading to other regions beyond their Wilmington, Del., base. From their conception, it has been clear Bad Sneakers was not going to be content with bar-hopping. The first year the band was together, they released “Angeline,” a single that sold well and won awards in local publications from the readers.

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Bad Sneakers: Beat the Meter

Rock Monitor, Keyser, W.Va., July 1984

This is Bad Sneakers’ debut album with some very impressive cuts from this four-membered Delaware-based band. A combination of Rick Springfield vocals with the Cars style of music is the best way to describe Bad Sneakers.

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Ward C. Camp found dead of gunshot wound

The News Journal, Wilmington, Del., Jan. 4, 1984 North St. Georges – Ward C. Camp, 30, of 14 Main St., a founding former member of the Newark-based rock band called Bad Sneakers, died Thursday from a gunshot wound to the head, according to State Medical Examiner Ali Z. Hameli. Hameli said Monday that there was no … Read more

Bad Sneakers audiovisual specifications

Simmons and Prophet and Moog, oh my REQUIRED POWER: Lights: 80-100 amp 220v AC PA/Stage: Same, or (3) 20 amp 110v AC circuits SOUND SYSTEM: Lows: 8 EV 15″/4 Martin bass bins; Phase Linear 700B, 1,000 watts Mids: 4 EV 12″/4 CLS “Zoid” mid horns; Peavey CS-800, 800 watts Highs: 2 JBL 2″/2 CLS Radial 90 horns; Crown … Read more

Bad Sneakers Launch Sneak Attack

Donna Morgan, Fine Times, Wilmington, Del., September 1983

A sneak attack can be fun if Bad Sneakers is behind it, as evidenced by their recently released debut album called – guess what? – “Sneak Attack”!

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Bad Sneakers, a Piece of Gold.

Staged Musicians Review, Worton, Md., January-February 1983

Like the price of gold, Newark, Delaware’s Bad Sneakers rise toward the top. In the past six months, Bad Sneakers have been recognized in several musician publications, although the band has received recognition after their first record’s production.

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Sneak Attack Review

Joe Szczechowski, The Paper Magazine, Wilmington, Del., October 1982

How many times have you heard someone say about a record from an area band, “It sounds so good for a local band?” I’m not going to say that about “Sneak Attack, ” the first release from Newark’s Bad Sneakers. This album sounds so good it holds up against current national releases. The band really deserves a lot of credit for producing such a professional-sounding album on their first try.

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Bad Sneakers releases debut album

Joe Szczechowski, The Paper Magazine, Wilmington, Del., October 1982

The area music scene has come alive in the past few years in terms of local bands performing and recording original music. Jack of Diamonds, Johnny Neel, and the Tom Larsen Blues Band have all produced original albums that have sold reasonably well. The latest addition to the list of area bands that are shooting for the big time is Bad Sneakers.

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The Wreck of Big Red

‘An ignominious fate for such a noble road warrior’ Neal: “We knew it was to have been the last voyage of Big Red, our faithful but worn-out equipment truck, because we had already purchased its replacement. We never imagined that Big Red would go out like a true rock star, with a spectacular show that … Read more


» Originally from Miami, Fla., and co-founder with Ward Camp, Shane left Bad Sneakers in 1986. He worked as a recording engineer at Calliope Studios in New York City, and went on to engineer, mix and produce several gold, platinum and Grammy-winning records over the next 15 years. Shane also established himself as a songwriter with … Read more


» “I suppose I knew Bad Sneakers was over when Dale quit, but I remained in denial for a while. Making the ‘Big Ducks’ album was a miserable experience, and to this day I can’t listen to it. Within its tortured tempos and chaotic arrangements I can only hear the sound of our grand experiment ending … Read more


» Producer, engineer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, with more than 150 CD projects to his credit, Marc Moss is owner of Target Studios and one of the most respected producers in the mid-Atlantic region. Born in Clarksburg, W. Va., Marc has always made music his livelihood. He opened Target Studios in 1986 while continuing to write, record and perform … Read more