Bad Sneakers audiovisual specifications

Simmons and Prophet and Moog, oh my

Lights: 80-100 amp 220v AC
PA/Stage: Same, or (3) 20 amp 110v AC circuits

Lows: 8 EV 15″/4 Martin bass bins; Phase Linear 700B, 1,000 watts
Mids: 4 EV 12″/4 CLS “Zoid” mid horns; Peavey CS-800, 800 watts
Highs: 2 JBL 2″/2 CLS Radial 90 horns; Crown D-150, 150 watts

24 input x 8 submasters x 1, via 2 EV C-12 boards
3 foldbacks, 3-way EQ (sweepable mid), balanced and line inputs
Pre/post patching on all channels and submasters

2 digital delays, 2 channels reverb, 4 channel limiting and noise gates
Dual 4-band parametric EQ, dual 10-band graphic EQ
Crown 3-way crossover with sub-woofer out, cassette deck

4 separate on-stage mixes with compression and 15-band EQ
4 Cerwin-Vega monitors (15″ + 1″ drivers)
2 CS-400 amps provide 200 watts per monitor

4 Shure SM10 Headset mics for vocals, 6 drum mics, 2 guitar mics
Direct lines on bass guitar and synthesizers
Nady wireless system on guitars

Roland and Prophet polyphonic synthesizers, Moog monophonic
Synthesizers span stage in 3 separate set-ups

20 Par 64 500 watt lamps (side and back lighting)
6 Par 56 300 watt lamps (specials and front lighting)
20 6v special-effect rain lights
4 aircraft landing lights
12-channel 2-scene controller board with momentary switches
2 Pulsar dimmer packs provide 12 2,000-watt power legs

Guitar/synth (Shane)
Drums (Neal)
Guitar/synth (Marc)
Bass guitar/synth (Dale)

Set up/sound check: 2-3 hours
Breakdown/load out: 1-2 hours

Hotline and messages: (302)368-5108
Bookings: (302)995-1438

Dale, 1981