Too bad, Bad Sneakers told

Jane Brooks, The News Journal, Wilmington, Del., Aug. 7, 1984 SMYRNA – Cautious Smyrna council members Monday night turned down a rock group’s offer to perform a free concert in the town park. Perhaps it was the name – “Bad Sneakers” – that turned off the mostly middle-age council. “I guess you could say we’re … Read more

The Wreck of Big Red

‘An ignominious fate for such a noble road warrior’ Neal: “We knew it was to have been the last voyage of Big Red, our faithful but worn-out equipment truck, because we had already purchased its replacement. We never imagined that Big Red would go out like a true rock star, with a spectacular show that … Read more

The Venues

Landmarks on the rock ‘n’ roll highway Bruce Springsteen never thought, “Wow. I’m playing on the same stage that Bad Sneakers did.” But the other way around? Sure. Here are some of the historic venues where the band appeared – and some that earned their own place in the Bad Sneakers story. » Tony Mart’s, … Read more

All Week: Snake Beards

Dale: “We weren’t the kind of band that trashed hotel rooms. Partly because we wanted repeat gigs, but also because we were tidy to the point of compulsion. At least as rock bands go. “Besides, mindless vandalism was just boring. Pour beer into a TV set? Some other bands, maybe. With us it had to … Read more