Ward C. Camp found dead of gunshot wound

The News Journal, Wilmington, Del., Jan. 4, 1984 North St. Georges – Ward C. Camp, 30, of 14 Main St., a founding former member of the Newark-based rock band called Bad Sneakers, died Thursday from a gunshot wound to the head, according to State Medical Examiner Ali Z. Hameli. Hameli said Monday that there was no … Read more


» Originally from Miami, Fla., and co-founder with Ward Camp, Shane left Bad Sneakers in 1986. He worked as a recording engineer at Calliope Studios in New York City, and went on to engineer, mix and produce several gold, platinum and Grammy-winning records over the next 15 years. Shane also established himself as a songwriter with … Read more


» “I suppose I knew Bad Sneakers was over when Dale quit, but I remained in denial for a while. Making the ‘Big Ducks’ album was a miserable experience, and to this day I can’t listen to it. Within its tortured tempos and chaotic arrangements I can only hear the sound of our grand experiment ending … Read more


» Producer, engineer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, with more than 150 CD projects to his credit, Marc Moss is owner of Target Studios and one of the most respected producers in the mid-Atlantic region. Born in Clarksburg, W. Va., Marc has always made music his livelihood. He opened Target Studios in 1986 while continuing to write, record and perform … Read more

Keith Moss

» In the mid-‘80s, Keith ran Bad Sneakers’ stage lighting and later worked as audio technician. From 1988 to 1991, he played guitar with Neal in Newark, Del.-based Laura and the Levelheads. Laura Ludwig, a former Miss Delaware, fronted the band and married Keith in 1990. A Levelheads standout: Neal’s ballad “Hit and Run” from the … Read more

Dante Pagano

Neal: » “Dante Pagano’s real name was Dan Fleming, but he apparently didn’t think that name was cool enough. He was a great soundman and he maintained a commanding presence behind the sound board. “He refused to let anyone violate his work space, and on more than one occasion I watched as walked back to the … Read more


» “These guys from Washington managed the Jamaican reggae star Eek-A-Mouse, and they became Bad Sneakers’ managers in 1985. But we never did get to meet Eek, and worse, we suddenly had a lot of down time. So of course I became a part-time journalist. Songwriting, journalism – it’s all just telling stories. And some of … Read more

Dale Dallabrida Eulogy

You can learn a lot in a band, when you’re making something out of nothing and getting paid almost nothing to do it. What I learned from Dale was how to squeeze more out of life. More laughs, more adventures, more music. I always just assumed that there would be more time. I met Dale … Read more