Fan mail: the good, the bad and the weird

‘I am two and a half years old and I really like your music’

Dear BSers,

I’ve listened to your album about 103 times in the last 48 hours. I think you have a lot of talent and the music sounds great. One of my friends got me addicted on you and I would like to see you in concert. There is only one catch, though. I go to school at Stockton State College in Pomona, N.J., and I am only 18 – not old enough to legally get into a bar. Please help! Also, could you please send a calendar or schedule of places you are playing.

Ed Claypoole
Pomona, N.J.

Cecil County (Md.) Raceway, September 1981

Punk rock is for 2-year-olds. I hope someday soon you’ll expand your music and learn to play something more intellagent than punk rock. Musically your good, very good I should say. All you need now is to change your material a little.

Debra Lynne Dress
104 E. Forget-Me-Not Rd.
Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260

Dear Bad Sneakers,

I am two and a half years old and I really like your music. My Aunt Dar and Aunt Steph bought your album because they always go to see you. So I listen to it all the time and I know almost all the songs. I hope that someday you will be playing somewhere that I can go to see you. Please send me your newsletter so we can keep in touch. Thank you.

Your loyal fan
Jilly Chidester
1513 Perkins St.
Chester, PA 19013

P.S.: My favorite songs are “I saw her walk” and “Diamonds in the Dark.”
P.S.S.T.: This is not a joke. I didn’t type this myself but the feelings are true.

Cecil County (Md.) Raceway, September 1981

I am from London, England, and need Love “BAD.” If you take me up on the offer of a sexy foreign woman you must [illegible] me. I was once in a band. I wrote two top hit singles in Liverpool, England. I’ll sell them to you for a million pounds or my body for a million dollars. There’s only one thing about the deal, you have to keep me if you sign this contract.


Lusty Maria Rickie
Liverpool, England

Dear Bad Sneakers,

Hi! My name is Mike Mays and I’m 19 years old. I’m a drummer looking for a band to play in. I’m a big fan of yours. I bought your album and it’s a great album. My favorite songs on the album are “Can’t Stop,” “Every Little Secret” and “Sneak Attack.” I would like to get the Bad Sneakers newsletter. I would like to ask the drummer a question. Neal Tillotson, how do you become a good drummer? I would like to know from the group, how do you form a good group or how do you get in a good group like Bad Sneakers? I think you guys are great and would like to meet you guys in person someday. It means a lot to me to meet you guys. I would like to know if you guys have a photograph of you guys that I could have. I have to go now, but keep on rock and rolling. OK. Bye! Write back soon. Your fan,

Mike Mays
107 W. Ayers St.
Newport, DE 19804

Great music, great band!!!!

Denise Hernandez
Washington College
Chestertown, Md.

Drummer looks like Richard Simmons (sorry).

Carrie Beazel
7809 Sprout Spring Rd.
Frederick, MD 21701

Forwarded by Bob Bowersox
Host, “Fine Times Tonight”
WSTW-FM, Wilmington, Del.

Dear Mr. Bowersox,

I’ve been listening to “Fine Times Tonight” since you started the program, and it’s become something I look forward to every Sunday evening. I’m striving to be a writer (both short stories and poetry, although my ultimate goal is to be a lyrical songwriter), and so I enjoy the opportunity to hear the lyrics of our area’s talented musicians. Although I’ve enjoyed listening to the variety of songwriters you have presented, I am really most impressed by the songwriting talent of the members of Bad Sneakers, especially Shane Faber. His songs seem so well-crafted as far as blending lyrics, the melody and “catchy hooks.” I think he’s got great potential. One of his songs, “Got to Be Your Man,” is a ballad that is unfortunately not on their album, but is, from a person who studies all the parts of a song, one of the most well-constructed (and emotionally performed) songs I have heard.

I noted that you said that this Sunday’s program would be mostly a “request” show. I would like to request you to play a song written by Shane Faber. I know you’ve played some of his already, but “Wait a Little Longer” is one you haven’t played. If a recording of “Got to Be Your Man” is available, I’d like to hear that one – I also like “I Don’t Need a Reason” – it says what we all have wanted to tell someone in our lives at one point or another.

I’ll be listening with the hope that I’ll get to hear Shane’s songs (at least one!) – a lot of people will be glad they tuned in!

Sheri Teat
Millington, MD 21651