Bad Sneakers strolls home to Newark for the weekend

Al Mascitti, The News Journal, Wilmington, Del., Aug. 10, 1984

Bad Sneakers, the band that Smyrna wasn’t sure it wanted, feels right at home in Newark.

The band is appearing tonight through Sunday night at the Prime Times Room, 15 Prestbury Square. This is the Newark-based band’s first visit to its home turf since its second album, “Beat the Meter,” was released last month.

It’s also Bad Sneakers’ first engagement since Smyrna’s city fathers refused Monday night to accept the group’s offer of a free concert in the town Aug. 21.

In the meantime, the Sneakers have kept on walking – right on down to the Blue Hen Mall in Dover, where they’ll play Aug. 29 for the second annual “Rotten Sneakers Contest” – a natural pairing if ever there was one.

“Beat the Meter” is getting plenty of attention from radio stations. The 10-song LP, produced and written by the band, offers a danceable mix of synthesizer-based pop songs.

I think it’s sort of a cross between “Thriller” and “The Dark Side of the Moon” and better than both – an opinion that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I co-wrote two of the songs.